Who is Mijos?

Mijos Martinez Coffee really started as a kid, asking my Grandma everyday for some money to go buy cookies because I knew it was time for our afternoon coffee. Of course, I loved being a big boy and running a big boy errand to get cookies from the corner store right up the street. We had our own corner store in the city with my parents, but I spent a lot of time at my Grandparents too.
I always looked forward to spending time at the farm on weekends with my dad as he tended to crops and helped his brothers and sisters out on the farm. I would escape with my brother and do what young kids do out on the field. Ride horses, taunt bulls, play with sticks/dirt and just being curious with whatever was around; soaking up the good farm life. We were enjoying doing anything simple outside with nature and animals away from the corner store chaos and city buzz.
Something always felt right about connecting with Mother Nature, but best of all family was always around... even if you weren't family, you were still my Primo or Prima or Tio or Tia from somebody!
Life is tough though.  Decisions had to be made for the better of our family & we had to take a different road that eventually brought us to Maryland and now me personally to Redondo Beach, California. However, I always catch myself saying things like, “Yeah, in Honduras we usually...so on & so forth.” I probably annoyed my friends at times but I couldn't help having those flashbacks & they never left my memory. Family is always in awe asking, “You remember that?” and my reply is, “They’re some of the best memories I have.”
Coffee is my way of being able to live this double life as an American-Honduran and offer something to people that they didn’t even know was there in such quality. Coffee is delicious and should be enjoyed with great company; family or not. It has ALWAYS served a purpose of UNITY and should make you want to ask for “one more cup, please” from your little cousin whose usually always attentive to visitors.
I’ve always had great joy in bringing something new to the table & I'm blessed that it can be coffee from my homeland. Even though I’m settled in Redondo Beach now, I feel more connected than ever with my family in Honduras and family back East.
I’m beyond excited to see where this journey takes me and can’t wait to introduce more delicious coffee flavors that I haven’t even tried myself yet.
On top of that, keeping connections alive with family I love so much is extremely important to me.

Cheers to the future, Mijos!

I love all of you.