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Located in the mountains of Sierra in Marcala, La Paz, Honduras, Penalva Special Coffee grows in a place of fertile land and majestic beauty.  Penalva Special Coffee is enriched by different microclimates in the Southwest region of Honduras that has now gained worldwide recognition.

Marcala is within a region where the denomination of foreign coffee in Central America was first recognized in 2005.  Origin of Denomination allows for characteristics of this coffee to be guaranteed & exclusive to this geographic region: Cafe de Marcala! 

In 1896, Francisco Penalva & Rodolfo Penalva, founded Finca Color Esmeralda, which is located 1550 meters above sea level now producing different variations of artisanal coffee such as Pacamara, Borbon,  Icatu, Catuai, Tipica & Geysha.

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